"The attempt to put on this government technocratic clothing is not convincing"

The Chicu government was voted by 62 MPs. While some say the country needs a government and they have received assurances that the new government will continue the European path and resume social projects, others have strongly criticized the rush in which the new cabinet was invested, which, according to them, is presented as technocratic, but in fact is a PDM-PSRM government, IPN reports.

The deputies of the Șor Political Party abstained from voting. In his speech, the deputy Denis Ulanov has said that he relies on the fact that the new government "will also support the constructive opposition’s initiatives". "We will refrain from voting because we believe that the most correct decision is to hold snap parliamentary elections," mentioned the deputy. The MP wants to believe that this executive "will be the first positive experience of a minority government in the Republic of Moldova". "We have many social bills that we will put forward and count on your support. We believe that you will have a constructive activity in relation to the constructive opposition and you will not block our proposals”, stressed Denis Ulanov.

The chair of DA Platform, ACUM, group, Alexandru Slusari, said that in the 15 minutes that he had for analyzing the program of the new government, he found that it did not contain any word about decentralization, nor about the diversification of energy sources, nothing about VAT. According to him, this government is invested with a great rush, without Prime Minister Maia Sandu officially giving up her mandate, according to the law, without the composition of the formal government being coordinated with trade unions and employers. In his opinion, this is "because they are probably afraid of protests or that the socialists will change their minds."

"Socialist colleagues, I have a simple question, on June 8, 2019, in this room in the semi-darkness, where was Ion Chicu on that day? I'm not talking about the integrity and the degree of kinship with Igor Dodon of some proposed ministers, but the question is the same, where were they on that day? Where were they, especially Mr. Ion Chicu, between June 9-15, 2019, which we all described as a period of usurpation of power in the state? I will tell you where - at the Ministry of Finance of a government that we called usurpatory”, contended Alexandru Slusari.

Pavel Filip, the chair of the Democratic Party group, has said that the country needs governance and the snap elections would pitch the Republic of Moldova in chaos. During the face-to-face talks with Ion Chicu, the Democrat MPs have received assurances that the new government will remain committed to the country's European path and will continue to implement the Association Agreement with the European Union. "Our vote today is not a blank check that we give to this government. After the ACUM bloc surrendered so quickly, the Democratic Party is the only political force that has the capacity to balance the situation. We will criticize when this government fails and vote on bills that will mean deeds, and not just empty words for the people,” emphasized Pavel Filip.

The chairman of the PAS group, ACUM Bloc, Igor Grosu, argued that "it has been a long time since we have witnessed such a colorless investment, sometimes faint and lacking vigor." "This attempt to put on this government technocratic clothing is unsuccessful. So we have the PDM-PSRM Government, not even the PSRM-PDM, but the PDM-PSRM. Another regret, and I am sure it will last for a very short time, three institutions in the state will come under the control of one man, Igor Dodon - the country's presidency, the parliamentary chairmanship and the position of prime minister,” mentioned Igor Grosu. The parliamentarian has also said that this will be "a government of scheme revival".

Adela Răileanu, PSRM MP, has said that the risk of throwing the country into chaos is very high, and the parties must be aware that "political experiments to the detriment of the country can no longer go on". "The Chicu cabinet comes at a very difficult time, when the biggest problem is the crisis of confidence on the part of our citizens. It doesn’t just need to, it must offer solutions and provide mechanisms to increase pensions and salaries, to invest in hospitals and schools, to repair roads,” pointed out Adela Răileanu.

ACUM Bloc MPs have left the Parliament's sitting room before the voting procedure. For the Chicu Government, MPs from the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party have voted.

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