Ten years of ratification of UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities contributed to the drafting of the legal and normative frameworks concerning the social inclusion of persons with disabilities in Moldova and to the designing and implementation of inclusive policies by the central authorities. After the Convention was ratified, the community services and the regulations concerning these services improved, the Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities noted in connection with the tenth anniversary of the ratification of the document.

In a news conference at IPN, the Alliance’s executive director Galina Climov said that owing to the ratification of the Convention, it was possible to ensure the realization of a number of rights of the persons with disabilities. The national policies now include provisions that increased their access to medical services, empowerment and high-quality rehabilitation. “There were conducted multiple sociological studies concerning the health of persons with disabilities and over 80% of the surveyed persons said that they have access to health services to a lesser extent or do not have access at all, especially rehabilitation, recovery and spa services, special means and equipment, depending on the needs,” stated Galina Climov.

60% of the respondents said they have access to a lesser extent or do not have access to compensated medicines. The persons with mobility disabilities are unable to access specialized medical services at home. Galina Climov noted the package of medical services provided by the National Health Insurance Company should include specialized medical services provided at home for persons with severe mobility disabilities. An efficient communication mechanism should be worked out and implemented. The personal data should be transcribed and the cases should be referred between primary medical institutions, hospitals and mental health centers.

As regards the ensuing of the right to work,
Galina Klimov recommends working out and implementing a mechanism of cooperation between education institutions and employers. The supported employment practices piloted by civil society organizations should be promoted at national level. The method of determining and providing social benefits for persons with disabilities should be reviewed. The benefit that can be considered a source of income should be delimited from social welfare provided for looking after, accompanying or supervising persons and from transport allowances.

“MOTIVAȚIE” Association executive director Ludmila Iachim said the right to independent life and living in community for the persons with disabilities is realized through community homes, professional parent assistance services for children with disabilities, family placement for adults, etc. However, there is a shortage of community social services for persons with disabilities. Despite the existing legal framework, the institutionalization of persons with disabilities continues. The authorities and civil society should combine forces to step up the implementation of the national program for the de-institutionalization of persons with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities in residential institutions.

As to the ensuring of the right to education of persons with disabilities, Ludmila Iachim said the program to develop inclusive education for 2011-2020 has been implemented, educational support services have been developed, while the Education Code was supplemented with provisions on the educational inclusion of children with special educational needs and the methodological framework for educational services in support of teaching staff was designed. Teachers should be trained to offer counseling and career guidance services for developing the skills needed to work with children with disabilities and standard solutions should be identified for transporting children with disabilities to education institutions.

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