Tariffs approved by the Ministry of Transport generates disapproval among transporters

The transporters of the country are unpleased of the increase of the tariffs for passengers’ and luggage transportation on the regular routes approved last week by the Ministry of Transport and Road Management (MTRM). The executive director of the Transporters’ Union, Eugen Iatco declared for Info-Prim Neo that not even this time, the specialized ministry have taken into consideration the estimations presented by transporters. According to him, the Government is not creating proper conditions for the Moldovan transporters in the context of market economy, when the incomes at least match with the expenses. Datco mentioned that at present, the transport enterprises are on the brick of bankruptcy, because maintaining the tariffs at the present level will lead further to the ruination of the field. MRTRM approved, last week the increase of the tariff (per passenger/km) for common type buses, by 0.3 lei, and for the buses with upholstered chairs by 0.32 lei. Previously, these tariffs constituted 0.26 lei and respectively 0.28 lei. The tariffs came into force on July 1. Datco mentioned that previously, the Union proposed to the Government, taking into consideration the financial possibilities of the population, tariffs of 0.36 and respectively 0.38 lei, which according to him would be suitable for transporters. At present, the fuel constitutes about 70% of the expenses, in the conditions when, according to the transport normative, the share of the fuel must not constitute more that 30%. In this context, for other expenses’ chapters remain “almost nothing”, Datco said, mentioning that in this case the transporters can not receive proper wages, the technical service is done with infringements, the spare parts are bought at second hand markets etc. At present the transporters say that they will continue to work, but they asked the prime-minister to create a work group which would examine the real situation in the area and to submit proposals on improving the financial conditions of country’s transporters. In this context, Datco mentioned that the increase of tariffs is not as necessary as solving the problem of fuel taxes. According to him, the state must exempt the fuel importers from a part of taxes, fact that would lead to diminishing the price for petroleum. At the same time, he considers as inequitable the situation when the state stipulates different compensations for the expenditures of the farmers regarding the purchase of fuel and nothing regarding the transporters. “We demand the Government to formulate policies regarding transporters and to settle rules that would allow transporters work properly in the conditions of market economy, and for disadvantaged persons to institute transport compensations and to take upon itself some expenses of transporters, fact that would allow them to work in the conditions of the new tariff”, Datco states. The Union of Transporters is represented on the whole territory of the country, being a patronage organization which joins all the transport organizations of the Republic of Moldova; it is a member of the National Confederation of Patronages, and through the Tripartite Commission Government-Trade Unions-Patronages, promotes the interests of the transporters at republican level. Info-Prim Neo notes that also the minibuses that perform regular interurban routes will also subject to the order of MRTRM, because, according to the terminology in the area, bus is considered the transport unity which has more than nine places. The order of the minister extended also over the travels with minibuses or other transport units which activate around municipalities and cities of the republic. In this case, increasing the tariffs is, according to the legislation, the responsibility of the local Councils.

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