Switchover to election of President in Parliament implies a big risk, opinions

The modification of the method of electing Moldova’s President from direct election by the people to election in Parliament is a very risky political move, first of all for President Igor Dodon himself, expert in political sciences and political consultant Igor Volnitski was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Key Issue” on NTV Moldova channel.

According to him, this scenario will most probably not be implemented. Officially, the procedure can be changed by the Socialists with the support of other MPs. “What is the Socialists’ interest? The PSRM is already the most influential party. The President is the most influential politician. Let’s presume that he will run for a second term in office. Why should he take such risks? This is a very big risk,” said Igor Volnitski.

He also said that the current opposition does not have motives to take the people to the streets and the modification of the method of electing the President could be a serious reason for protests. “The analysts who work with the Party of Socialists see all these, understand, draw conclusions and I think do not allow such a scenario to be applied,” noted the expert.

Political pundit Victor Stepaniuc said the scenario concerning the modification of the method of electing the President is possible if the Constitutional Court reviews its decision by which it allowed for the direct election of the President. Igor Dodon himself pleaded for direct election and was chosen based on such a formula and thus has no reason to take risks in the currently difficult political situation in the country.

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