Svetlana Chesari: We combined forces in order to develop country

The modernization of infrastructure and development of renewable energy are the priorities of the “New Historical Option” Party that were presented in the first installment of the electoral debates staged by IPN. The party’s president Svetlana Chesari said they wanted to rename the party “Alternatives and Chances”, but the Central Election Commission refused to register the electoral symbol so as not to generate confusion as to the name of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), IPN reports.

In the debates entitled “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand - 2021”, Svetlana Chesari said the party aims to modernize the country by implementing new technologies. The infrastructure and ensuring of the country’s energy security will represent the party’s priorities in the eventuality of entering Parliament.

“Our slogan is “Solidarity and Progress” as we have a divided and degenerating society. We combined forces in order to develop the country. Our team includes engineers, sociologists, doctors as we aim to modernize all the spheres of our society and to improve the country’s image at foreign level,” said Svetlana Chesari, who runs for MP on behalf of the “New Historical Option” Party.

Moreover, Svetalana Chesari noted her party aims to transform 80% of the country’s energy into renewable energy.

“We are a team that aims to develop and apply new technologies. We plead for innovations and for the improvement of the quality of life. We place the rights and interests of consumers and the modernization of infrastructure at the forefront. The energy society is our priority and we consider the new technologies for generating renewable energy are a solution to energy diversification. We aim to encourage the small businesses that promote renewable energy,” stated Chesari.

She said the CEC’s decision to register the electoral symbol “PAȘ” is a political action even if the Appeals Court recently upheld these decision.

“As the Public Services Agency hampered our access to the abbreviation we voted in 2013, this being the Political Party “NOI”, doing this absolutely illegally so as to generate confusion and create clones, we decided to rename the party “Alternatives and Chances”. But we were again refused as there is the party PAS and this does not want problems to be created to it,” stated Svetlana Chesari.

In the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, the “New Historical Option” Party will be under No. 21.

The first electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand - 2021” also involved the representatives of the Political Party “Noi” and of the Ecologist Green Party.

IPN’s second electoral debate set for June 30, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders the Party of Change, the Shor Party and “Democracy at Home” Party.

IPN Agency holds the electoral debates as part of the series of debates “Developing Political Culture Though Public Debates” with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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