Subject of withdrawal of Russian troops is important, but difficult, opinions

The pullout of the Russian troops from the territory of the Transnistrian region, which is to be discussed at the UN meeting this week, is a very important subject for the Republic of Moldova and not only, but also a difficult one. This problem has a long history and has at least three aspects: Moldovan-Russian relations; resolving of the Transnistrian dispute, and Moldova’s activity at international level. Such opinions were stated in the talk show  “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

Politician Valentin Krylov said that given the relations with the Russian Federation, there is no opportunity for putting forward an initiative concerning the pullout of troops. “If we refer to the negotiations on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict with Tiraspol, this discussion at the UN will not lead to success. Tiraspol has had distrust in the official Chisinau and this lack of trust is a very serious obstacle to accelerating the negotiation process,” he stated.

Valentin Krylov said the third aspect has a number of vectors and is strictly related to national security and he suspects that the initiative to pull out the Russian troops is connected with a scenario called “against who we will unite”. According to him, the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Moldova’s territory is necessary, but a lot depends on the way in which this is done.

Analyst Anatol Taranu said during the existence of the Republic of Moldova, the country’s official position in relation to the foreign military presence hasn’t changed. The intensity of the approach to the problem was different in different periods, but Moldova’s refusal to recognize the military presence on its territory was constant. “The military presence of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova is illegal and goes to what is called occupation by a foreign army of a territory of a foreign country,” stated the analyst.

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