Deputy mayor Codreanu named acting mayor of Chisinau

The post of mayor general of Chisinau municipality will be held by deputy mayor Ruslan Codreanu on an interim basis. The announcement was made by Silvia Radu who was suspended from the post of acting mayor following her registration as a runner in the new local mayoral elections, IPN reports.

In a news conference on April 25, Silvia Radu said she leaves the City Hall with the intention of winning the elections and of returning to it. “I want to continue all the processes I initiated, if the citizens mandate me to do this,” noted the electoral competitor.

According to her, Chisinau needs an independent mayor who would serve the citizens, not political parties. “I think I have the necessary experience and know very well the internal mechanisms of the City Hall. I know very well the problems confronting Chisinau city and know exactly how they should be solved,” stated Silvia Radu.

She also said she will campaign on her own money and will present her electoral program later. This is simple, realistic and based on measures and projects that already started to be implemented.

Silvia Radu is the only independent candidate registered as a contender. She is the twelfth election runner registered by the Chisinau District Electoral Council.