Ștefan Gligor: We are only party with a plan to legalize underground economy

The underground economy in the Republic of Moldova is much larger than the official economy. The Party of Change is the only party that has a plan for legalizing the black economy. According to the party’s leader Ștefan Gligor, employers pay salaries primarily “in envelope” and only a small part officially so as to pay fewer taxes. The difference is paid in cash into the hand. This is the basis of the underground economy in the Republic of Moldova. Smuggling in agricultural products is the second component. This flow of smuggled goods suffocates the local producers that cannot cope with the competition when they pay taxes. This way, the liquidation of contraband will stimulate domestic competition and will help the local producers to strengthen their bases. The problem of shadow economy can be solved by fiscal stimulation instruments, Ștefan Gligor stated in IPN’s second electoral debate titled “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”.

According to him, the state institutions are those that suffocate the local producers, including the inspection bodies that perform unjustified inspections. That’s why the Party of Change will suggest concrete policies that will neutralize such inspections so that the state becomes a partner of entrepreneurs, not a gendarme and enemy. “We will introduce a moratorium on any inspection, including fiscal ones, for small family businesses started in rural areas for a period of five years. We will annul the income tax and dividends for small family businesses with up to nine employees. This way, we will be able to create jobs in villages,” stated Ștefan Gligor. According to him, the state should train and encourage the people to do business, to cope alone on their resources and available potential, to encourage them by taxes to return to their native places and start businesses and to protect them against corrupt institutions.

Ștefan Gligor noted that to cope with the possible economic growth based on science, massive investments are needed in the education system. Currently, the system produces rather unemployed persons, people who are partially or not at all integrated into the national economy. “We are promoting a concept of vocational education. We must change the school curriculum and adjust the university curriculum with the same resources that can be gradually increased. The essence is that the economy has needs and the education system should keep pace with the necessities of the economy. The connection between the university community and the real economy was lost in our country long ago and this tie is not coordinated. We face an acute shortage of staff in all the areas,” stated Ștefan Gligor, noting that to build an economy based on knowledge, the attitude to the education system should be changed and investments should be made in the future generations.

The president of the Party of Change believes that the Republic of Moldova needs major changes that cannot be made with old people and methods. “We need upright, capable, trained, competent and courageous persons who can cope with the national public system that is controlled by organized crime, is ruined and inefficient. For the purpose, we created the Party of Change, which is a platform open to courageous people with initiative and professionalism. The change occurs by involvement and don’t believe in miracles. No one will come to bring things in justice in order, to implement fiscal policies in the economy, which will bring freedom to people and entrepreneurs,” stated Ștefan Gligor.

The third electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021” also involved the representative of the Party “Democracy at Home”. The Shor Party turned down the invitation.

IPN’s third electoral debate set for July 1, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders Alliance for the Union of Romanians, the Party of Law and Justice and the Party of Action and Solidarity.

IPN Agency holds the electoral debates as part of the series of debates “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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