Ștefan Gligor: State is in extraordinary situation that cannot be remedied by ordinary methods

Public policy expert Ștefan Gligor said now that Parliament adopted a declaration on state captivity, the institutions should act more insistently. The MPs have fully-fledged mandates and the Constitution should not be amended for de-oligarchizing the state and clearing it of corrupt people. The issue was developed in the talk show “Key issue” on NTV Moldova channel, IPN reports.

“Things can be swiftly and harshly brought in order under the current Constitution. For the purpose, the problem should be realized. The clear understanding of the problem can help find a correct solution. I think the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, the Security and Intelligence Service and other institutions do not correctly understand the problem and solutions that are now impetrative are thus not identified,” stated the expert, noting the situation in which the state is now is extraordinary and cannot be remedied by ordinary methods.

Ștefan Gligor said the declaration on state captivity should have an implementation period as it cannot exist for an indefinite  period of time. “The action of the declaration should be limited. This should have an effect until it is ascertained that the judicial system is independent. At this moment, Parliament should adopt a decision on the time limit of this declaration,” he stated. According to him, this should be done in order not to set a precedent and a new such declaration should be adopted in the future, if need be.

Adviser to the Parliament Speaker Fadei Nagachevski said Moldova will be unable to overcome this situation without exclusive measures. The Europeans and the Americans attentively follow the developments in Moldova so that no precedents are set here. “I understand that the politicians do everything gradually so that everyone sees that this system, these constructs cannot be stopped,” he noted.

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