Ștefan Gligor: It’s not justice sector reform, but maintenance of processes arranged by Plahotniuc

We do not have a justice sector reform in Moldova. The processes arranged by Vladimir Plahotniuc continue to be maintained owing to the operational possibilities of Igor Dodon and people close to Plahotniuc who remained, jurist Stefan Gligor stated in IPN’s public debate “Current place of European integration on sociopolitical agenda of Moldova”. 

He underlined that the current government hasn’t yet published its view on the development of the justice system. “Initially, the person who was named by the minister of justice to deal with the reform showed activism, but everything stopped then. Igor Dodon and the Socialists focus on the promotion of convenient persons to the posts of judge and member of the Supreme Council of Magistracy. They understand very well that nothing can be really changed in the system when one has to vote together with Andronache, Nikiforchuk and others,” said the standing expert of IPN’s project “Overcoming of European Integration Stereotypes through Communication”.

“In a parliamentary country, the reform is done by Parliament, assisted by the responsible ministries. In our country, the parliamentary majority consists of former men of Plahotniuc and also of Igor Dodon, who is a political project of Plahotniuc and who betrayed his creator. They do not need the justice sector reform from which the corrupt component will be extracted,” stated the expert.

He believes that currently Igor Dodon does not pursue the goal of de-oligarchizing the state. He wants to substitute the person who managed the oligarchic state in the own interests. This is seen very well in the behavior of minister Nagachevski. He fully abandoned the justice sector reform bills and even says that these run counter to the common sense and he will not support them. For example, the initiative that made the persecution of the direct beneficiaries of companies from offshore areas, especially those that stole the US$ 1 billion, impossible. It was edited by order of a private person. This is how things work here,” noted Ștefan Gligor.

The public debate “Current place of European integration on Moldova’s sociopolitical agenda” forms part of the project “Overcoming of European Integration Stereotypes through Communication” that is implemented with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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