Ștefan Gligor: Agendas of PDM and PSRM will be different, but their goal will be similar

The government coalition between the Party of Socialists (PSRM) and the Democratic Party (PDM) is being formalized out of necessity as the representatives of the two parties have no other way out. If snap parliamentary elections are held, they will face risks and it is not clear what the election outcome can be, lawyer Ștefan Gligor, public policy expert, stated in a public debate titled “PSRM-PDM government coalition: necessities, possibilities, motives, impact on society?”. According to him, the agendas of the Democrats and the Socialists will be different within this coalition, but their goal will be to unjustly enrich themselves and to prepare for the next elections.

“There is nothing falser in the Republic of Moldova and in our society than the official façade presentations of the political parties, especially of the two parties – the PDM and PSRM. There are no ideological differences between the people who ruled during the past two decades – their way of being, way of thinking, reacting and defending their personal, financial, criminal and illegal interests – and this is evident,” stated the expert.

He noted that all kinds of statements about the purification of the Democratic Party are made. “The people should be attentive to details as politics are lies manipulated by very ingenious people. There are no ideological, program and party differences between the PSRM and PDM. They have a similar ideology and policy and aim to get gains from illegal arrangements that are collateral accessories of governance. The discussion on the ideological difference between the PDM and PSRM is false. There is only one ideology – the money. That’s why we have a criminal case started over usurpation of the state power. That’s why we have a pocket Constitutional Court,” stated Ștefan Gligor.

According to him, the goal pursued by the PDM at present is to negotiate the best possible positions and to obtain three-four ministries and agencies. “As to the PSRM, there is the parliamentary group and there is Igor Dodon and their interests not always coincide. For Igor Dodon, keeping office of President is a matter of principle from a number of perspectives. He aims to preserve the position of key contact person of the Russian Federation and his personal performance was successful only due to the relations with the Russian Federation. If Igor Dodon loses the office of President, his relations with Russia will deteriorate. Those from the parliamentary group of the PSRM understand that Igor Dodon’s games could cost them their seats and the party will also be affected,” noted the expert.

“Igor Dodon risked everything, seized power and now bears responsibility. The Chicu Government does not cope, to my mind, as they showed much greater ambition and pretention. If we had followed the path of synchronization of the presidential and parliamentary elections, the outcome would have been unpredictable. The poor situation of the parties of the right helps them. They preferred to divide the revenues, ministries, to concede a part of the power so as to secure their back for the presidential elections, to synchronize their efforts as parties so as to secure Igor Dodon’s victory and the fate of snap elections will be decided later.”.

Ștefan Gligor said the parties of the right, including the unionist ones, revealed a series of contradictions following the competition in single-member constituency Hâncești and could not show their negotiation capacity. “As a result, after Andrei Năstase lost the municipality of Chisinau, a chronic disappointment, a state of disintegration and deterioration appeared. The parties of the right should adopt a visionary behavior and should unite their supporters,” he stated.

Ștefan Gligor considers this coalition is natural from objective and subjective viewpoints because the representatives of the two parties are compatible through their values or non-values. Stagnation is the main characteristic that can derive from this coalition. “I think they want to conserve things and will try to rehabilitate those schemes of unjust enrichment in which Vlad Plahotniuc excelled at his time.”

The debate “PSRM-PDM government coalition: necessities, possibilities, motives, impact on society?” was the 127th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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