State to increase subsidies for vineyards

Next year the state will essentially increase the level of subsidy to stimulate the qualitative wine production. At Wednesday’s session (December 6), the Government endorsed the decision drafted to approve of the Regulations regarding the management of the Fund’s means to support the creation of vineyards. Director of the Agro-industrial Agency “Moldova-Vin”, Valeriu Mironescu stated that 15,000 lei will be additionally allotted to the 25,000 lei granted in 2006 for each hectare of plantations, to develop grafted vineyards, so as to create the fund for greenhouses in Moldova. 10,000 lei will be additionally allotted for plantations of table grape varieties and 5,000 lei for the creation of local vineries. Out of 327,000 lei from the Fund to support agriculture in 2007, about a quarter – 87,000 lei – are intended for the support of vineyard sector. The programme on revival of vineyards and wine production provides for that at least 100,000 hectares of young grapevines of highly productive varieties will replace 110,000 ha of old vineyards, using modern technologies. To increase the volume of quality wines, the Government earlier committed itself to divide the wine growing zones in Moldova into 4 regions, 22 centres and 83 lands. The South and the Centre will be the main regions, and will comprise over 90% of the vineries. The Government asserts that the achievement of these actions will enable a more efficient use of soil farming, climatic potential and of varieties admitted for obtaining grapes and alcoholic production of high quality.
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