State Tax Service fines online traders a total of almost 500,000 lei

The State Tax Service verified the announcements concerning sale of goods placed on a number portals and imposed fines totaling almost 500,000 lei on online traders for performing entrepreneurial activities without being registered with the competent bodies.

Olga Baciu, head of the Service’s press office, has told IPN that the persons who occasionally carry out trading activities are not subject to penalties. Only those who transform such activities into a business are penalized. “Even if there were checked 462 announcements, only 157 contravention proceedings were instituted. This means the STS reached the conclusion that not all the persons traded online for business purposes,” she stated.

In a press release, the State Tax Service says food and pastry products are also sold online. “The State Tax Service analyzed this kind of activity as well as it poses an increased risk of violation of the legislation on a number of segments, such as non-registration with the competent bodies, manufacture of confectionary products without a location and functioning authorization issued by the responsible bodies, eventually unhygienic and unsanitary conditions, lack of documents of origin for the raw material, absence of the production date on packing”.

The Service calls on the producers of pastries and confectionery to obey the legal norms and have documents of origin and use cash registers when collecting payments in cash. Those who order such products are urged to ask for a compliance certificate and the sales slip.