State Tax Inspectorate to report cases of tax evasion in public food sector

The Main State Tax Inspectorate during a month will report the cases of tax evasion identified in the public food sector. Constraining measures will be imposed on those who will not comply with the law, the Inspectorate’s head Ion Prisacaru said in an interview for Radio Free Europe, IPN reports.

“First of all, we demand correctness, but we must have documents and evidence that we were correct and issued notices. As to the public food sector, we first selected all the units providing recreational services, like the wedding halls, and explained the situation to them. We will now see if we were understood. Measures will be taken against those who didn’t hear us,” said Ion Prisacaru.

According to him, the expected results in the fight against tax evasion will not be felt at the level of national economy in the near future, but at the level of sectors will be palpable in a month or two. Besides the public food sector, inspections will be carried out at sand quarries. “We must examine the entire chain – from the construction materials and the construction materials shops to construction companies and end-users that benefit from those apartments. It’s easier to follow and combat tax evasion in a chain. The taxpayers should know that we do not impose constraining measures. This is a stage that we hope not to achieve,” stated the head of the Main State Tax Inspectorate.

As to tax administration in general, Ion Prisacaru said there is a difficult situation that was created over years. “Our approaches to taxpayers and the mentality that derives from the past are to blame. The small, medium-sized and large companies were treated like offenders from the start,” he stated.

Ion Prisacaru also said that a team will be set up within the Inspectorate to promptly deal with the reports about corruption attempts and to take the required measures. The official expressed his regret at the fact that corruption became deep-rooted in society and called on the taxpayers not to act in collusion with inspectors who ask for money and to inform the competent bodies.

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