Stamati: ANI refused to provide all the information about the candidates for the prosecutor position

The National Integrity Authority (ANI) refused to submit to the Commission on the pre-selection of candidates for prosecutor general position the unabridged detailed information regarding their income statements. The statement belongs to the Minister of Justice, Olesea Stamate, and was made on the set of "Shadow Cabinet" show, Jurnal TV. According to her, thus, the commission members had to work with the information about the candidates available in the public space, IPN reports.

"I requested from ANI the unabridged statements and I was turned down on the grounds that these were personal data. Now you can understand in what context the commission had to work," said Olesea Stamate. According to her, in the next contests such situations will not be allowed to happen.

At the same time, the minister says she did not possess information about the candidate Alexandr Stoianoglo, who got through to the next stage of the selection of the prosecutor, namely that he would have participated in the negotiations within the Alliance for European Integration on the partition of positions in the state, including those who could not be subjected to political partition, when Stoianoglo held the position of Vice-Speaker of Parliament. In addition, the press released information that in 2010 Alexandr Stoianoglo donated to the Democratic Party, as its member, 100 thousand lei while declaring income of only 48 thousand lei. "We asked investigative journalists to help us with the subject of party member status and party donations. We did not receive this information. The problem is not that he donated, but there is a disproportion between the donation made and his income. Now, I have some questions," said Olesea Stamate.

Dumitru Alaiba, PAS group, the ACUM bloc, believes that the information that appeared after the selection of the four candidates for the position of Prosecutor General is part of the process and that the activity of the pre-selection commission is most likely not completed all the more so as the list of the candidates have not yet been sent to the Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) and no candidate has been voted." All this means that the selection process is still underway," said Dumitru Alaiba.

Expert Stefan Gligor, a candidate for the post of Prosecutor General, accepts the results of the commission's activity and says he does not contest them because he has confidence in its members. At the same time, the expert believes that the competition for the pre-selection of candidates should be better organized. "We have to make sure that the candidates who come to CSP are people of impeccable integrity. As long as these people come from the system, including a person coming from the CNA, who has executed a lot of political orders and dealt with cases according to someone’s order, while another person having a technical IT background later becomes a lawyer and part of the system, there is a problem with the credibility of the chosen persons”, mentioned Stefan Gligor.

Constitutional expert Nicolae Osmochescu argues that, since the stage was reached when four candidates for the position of prosecutor have been selected, the Superior Council of Prosecutors must choose one and put him forward to the president of the state for appointment. Otherwise, an endless procedure will start and things can only get worse. "What’s done is done, there are some positive moments in the work of the commission, there are shortcomings, but we have to accept that and see what the final result is," said the expert.

After the interview stage, which was held for two days, the pre-selection commission, established by the Ministry of Justice, announced that four out of the 16 candidates had become finalists of the competition for the Prosecutor General position. The short list of candidates is composed of Oleg Crîșmaru, Vladislav Gribincea, Veaceslav Soltan and Alexandr Stoianoglo. Subsequently, Prime Minister Maia Sandu asked the pre-selection commission to urgently verify the information published in the press and to consider the possibility of re-evaluating the short list "in the context of the coming to light of new information about the integrity of a candidate from the pre-selected list for the contest".

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