Specialized ministry published on the official site current prices of grain export

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry published the prices for the grain exports under CFT conditions in Reni, Iliciovsk, Odesa, Galati, Constanta ports for September 7 on its official site www.maia.gov.md. The prices include the transport of the grains to the mentioned ports. The smallest offer for the food wheat is in Reni port – MDL 1,821.53, and the biggest – 1,875.73. In Odessa the Moldavian wheat is bought at a minimum of MDL 1,752.31 and maximum – MDL 1,791.53. In Iliciovsk the minimal price is MDL 1.675,98, and maximum – MDL 1,703.89 lei. The fodder wheat is bought in the three ports at prices ranging from MDL 1,331.83 lei to 1,435.62. Moldovan barley is sold in the three Ukrainian ports as well as in the Romanian ports. The barley in Constanta port is sold at a minimum of MDL 1,352.47 and a maximum of MDL 1,371.94; in Galati – minimum MDL 1,369.18 and maximum – MDL 1,412.67. In Reni the prices are from MDL 1,135.51 and MDL 1,255.91; in Odessa – between 1,341.81 and 1,425.23; in Iliciovsck – between MDL 1,325.86 and MDL 1,386.75. Peas offer in Reni are of minimum MDL 1,698.35 and maximum MDL 1,723.02; in Odessa – of MDL 1,664.76 and MDL 1,705.68 respectively, in Iliciovsk – of MDL 1,632.18 and MDL 1,685.32. Economic agents from the Republic of Moldova will resume wheat export starting September 30, 2006, two years after all the exports have been handled by the Moldova Universal Commodity Exchange. The modifications were introduced by the Government in order to fulfill the Agreement signed with the International Monetary Fund, which insisted on the liberalization of the grains market. The current winter wheat and barley harvest has been evaluated as modest. 677 thousand tons of winter wheat was collected this year, compared to 1 million tons from 2005. The productivity has also dropped, from 30.4 quintals per hectare from last year to 27 quintals per hectare. Despite the harsh climate conditions from the autumn of 2005 and this summer, the overall grains harvest is acceptable, and their quality is rather high. The Material Reserves, Public Acquisitions and Material Aid Agency will buy 30-35 thousand tons of alimentary wheat for the state reserves. The wheat containing 18-20% gluten will be bought at MDL 1.60 per kg. For a ratio of 22-25% the price will be MDL 1.90 per kg, and over 25% - MDL 2.20. At present the wheat price on Moldovan markets is MDL 1.5. The Ukrainian wheat price is USD 125-130 per ton, the Romanian price – USD 120.

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