Parties continue to look for solutions to political blockage, EU ambassador

Political parties in the Moldovan parliament continue to look for solution to the political blockage, said the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko. The official, who is taking part in the June 8 sitting of Parliament, noted the democratically elected representatives should decide on the outcome of the political process, IPN reports.

“The EU wants to continue its close relations with the Republic of Moldova and implementation of the Association Agreement for the benefit of Moldovan citizens,” Peter Michalko posted on Facebook.

Besides the EU ambassador, the sitting is also attended by Poland’s Ambassador Bartolomiej Zdaniuk and Russia’s Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov. The meeting also involves the ambassadors of Sweden and the Netherlands and a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau. The information was confirmed for IPN by MPs Gaik Vartanean of the PSRM and Vladimir Bolea of the Bloc ACUM.