Current regime tries to complement CC with loyal persons, opinion

The recent appointment of former prosecutor general Corneliu Gurin and Democratic MP Artur Reshetnikov as judges of the Constitutional Court shows the current regime tries to complement the CC with persons loyal to the Democratic Party, former judge Domnica Manole stated in a program on Jurnal TV channel, IPN reports.

According to her, the new CC judges were appointed by flagrantly flouting the law. “All the legal provisions were  flagrantly violated. We cannot say that Mister Gurin and Mister Reshetnikov hold the posts legally,” stated Domnica Manole.

She noted the vacancy at the CC became known on December 11 only, when an announcement saying Corneliu Gurin was named CC judge was published on the website of the Superior Council of Magistracy. “We didn’t know about the resignation of Mister Dolea. The issue wasn’t included in the agenda of the Council’s meeting, as the law provides,” stated the ex-judge, wondering why the two persons were appointed as CC judges in such a hurry. Domnica Manole noted ex-prosecutor general Corneliu Gurin shouldn’t have accepted the post if he cares about his honor.

Jurist Pavel Midrigan said the Constitutional Court during the past seven-eight years adopted a series of rather controversial decisions from juridical viewpoint. The institution is politically influenced. “The political class has much bigger influence now than during all the years of independence,” stated Pavel Midrigan, adding both the people and some of the jurists from the system do not trust the CC.

Political commentator Alexandr Petkov said those who hold power in Moldova at present simply discredited the Constitutional Court. It has happened for many years. “By such appointments, they cause feelings of fright and profound disappointment in what is going on,” he stated, adding the persons who were appointed CC judges do not have what any Constitutional Court judge should have not only by law, but also by tradition.

The Government on December 12 named MP Artur Reshetnikov, former director of the Security and Intelligence Service, as judge of the Constitutional Court. It happened only one day after the Superior Council of Magistracy appointed ex-prosecutor general Corneliu Gurin to a similar post.