There is a risk that voters will be manipulated and votes will be bought, debate

If the politicians do not manage to reach an agreement and a new Government is not voted in, there will be held early elections. But there is a risk that the votes in these elections will be bought by the rich politicians and the elections will be rigged, said participants in the public debate “Culture of early elections. What society must know, expect and demand when early elections take place as a result of a political crisis”, staged by IPN News Agency.

Mihail Camerzan, a member of the Political Bureau of the People’s Party of Moldova, referred to the several settlements where local elections were held recently. He said he convinced himself that the votes are bought. “I doubt that they discuss principles and values at the negotiations on the formation of the new Government,” said the politician, stressing that the former Government made everything possible to hinder the extra-parliamentary parties from entering Parliament by increasing the election threshold from 4% to 6%.

Political analyst Igor Botan considers that the very rich politicians who own media outlets can manipulate the voters. “This risk persists. The early elections may be fixed. The people can change their opinion for 1 kg of rice and a bottle of oil and accept to be then robbed. We will have to wait. Maybe other generations understand that it’s a stupidity to sell the vote. We should make effort to convince the people not to do it. The mass media should disseminate the promises made by the politicians until now so that the people decide whether to vote again for those who didn’t fulfill them or not,” he stated.

Expert in electoral strategies Olga Nicolenco tried to put herself in the voter’s place. “If elections are held, the voters will go to the meetings held in elections campaigns. I see no other persons and parties that want to create an image and a brand. I hear no message from the parties that are represented in Parliament. They as well as the opposition will not have what to say. I’m not for elections now. The political class should learn the political culture and should present a new Government,” she said.

Chisinau Communist councilor and political analyst Victor Gurau said the Communist Party was among the first to say that nothing associated with democracy happens in Moldova. He considers that early parliamentary elections will anyway take place in Moldova.

The public debate “Culture of early elections. What society must know, expect and demand when early elections take place as a result of a political crisis?” is the 18th of the series of public debates “Development of political culture by public debates”. The project is implemented by IPN with support from the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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