Society must know truth about formation of new Government, debates

The new Government must be created, while society must know the truth about its formation. Also, the new Cabinet should have the sense of sacrifice making for the people’s interests and should govern professionally, consider the participants in the public debate “Culture of Government formation. What society must know, expect and demand when a new Government is formed as a result of a political crisis?”, which is the 17th of the series “Development of political culture by public debates” staged by IPN News Agency.

Valeriu Cosarciuc, ex-negotiator and ex-minister within the Alliance for European Integration 1, said that society should be informed about the real situation. “We must demand that those who will form the Government should be credible, have competences and be ready to make sacrifices. I think that the Prime Minister designate must have the power to say it when a candidate for the post of minister for example is not suitable. Otherwise, we risk having only relatives in the Cabinet as until now,” said the former negotiator to the talks on the formation of the first AEI Government.

Ecaterina Mardarovici, executive director of the Political Women’s Club 50/50 and ex-MP, considers that society must ask for a professional government. “The people wait for pensions, salaries, security in the street and in business. If they ensure this, the parties will have chances to win in elections. I expect that a new Cabinet will be invested,” she stated.

Sergiu Ostaf, director of the Resource Center for Human Rights (CreDO), believes that the Government that is being created now will not change the governance program of the previous Cabinet because they do not have time and this lack of time will hinder the creation of a powerful governmental team.

Permanent expert to the debates Igor Botan, who heads the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT, said that Moldova is in a crisis, but it is not clear what kind of crisis it is - a system one or an elite one. “If it’s a system crisis, the leaders should explain to us why such a crisis struck us after 3.5 years of modernization and Europeanization. If it’s an elite crisis, we should see what we will do next. Until they do not explain what kind of crisis it is, I have no reasons to believe that something good will happen,” stated Igor Botan.

Most of the participants in the debates believe that the new Government will be invested, but it will not rid the country of political crises. Valeriu Cosarciuc considers that the politicians will vote in the new Government because they realize that the agreement with the EU should be initialed this autumn. But the installation of the Government will not solve the political crisis because the politicians will be unable to eliminate the elements that led to the crisis.

IPN Agency director Valeriu Vasilica, who is the moderator of the debates, said he believes in the self-preservation instinct of the current government and this instinct will make the politicians vote in the new executive. “It’s not in their interest to cause early legislative elections now. But the creation of the Government will not spare us of future crises because the causes of the current crisis weren’t removed,” he stated.

Igor Botan said the political leaders have had an irrational behavior. “This alliance is the product of a revolution and a profound crisis and it never overcame this crisis. They may come to terms for fear of early elections,” he said.

The public debate “Culture of Government formation. What society must know, expect and demand when a new Government is formed as a result of a political crisis?” is the 17th of the series of public debates “Development of political culture by public debates” that are organized by IPN with support from the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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