Șor Political Party accuses law enforcement officers of violations in Peresecina. Police denies accusations

The Șor Political Party accuses law enforcement officers of committing violations in Peresecina, Orhei district. According to PPȘ deputy chairwoman, Marina Tauber, policemen in civil clothing walked around the village and asked people not to vote for the Șor candidate. She said that law enforcement officers have been sent by the current government.

In a press conference, Marina Tauber said that the ACUM bloc candidate, Valentina Buzu, and the Șor Political Party candidate, Victor Perțu, are competing in the second round of elections in Peresecina. "Subdivisions controlled by Năstase (Andrei Năstase, minister of interior) and other Sandu government services are illegally used in the interests of a candidate".

According to Marina Tauber, since morning, "paratroopers were active". These paratroopers are "police officers, operative workers from police stations, officers and investigators, as well as high-ranking employees and collaborators of the Information and Security Service". Marina Tauber said that she was in the village and saw with her own eyes SPIA representatives and top criminal police leadership. These people, according to Marina Tauber, dressed as civilians "circulate through the village, approach the citizens and intimidate them in order not to vote for the Șor Party Candidate".

Marina Tauber believes that "such an intervention on behalf of law enforcement" in favor of a candidate represents ground for the invalidation of the local elections in Persecina.

The deputy chairwoman of PPȘ said that she reported the incident to CEC, to the Police and informed electoral observers. According to Marina Tauber, PPȘ observers have reported violations in the village of Clișova, Orhei district, Tochile-Răducani in Leova and in the city of Taraclia.

Asked by IPN, Mariana Bețivu, General Police Inspectorate press officer, said that Marina Tauber's claims are not true. The press officer said that a police officer that ensures public order is dispatched to every polling station, while respecting the provided distance. Mariana Bețivu said that she did not receive reports about civilians who intimidate voters.

The Orhei Police Inspectorate press officer, Irina Burdujan, described the PPȘ information as "aberrations". According to her, the police in Peresecina ensure public order while being stationed at at least 100 meters from the polling station.

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