Solutions for localizing corruption prevention and combating functions

Localizing all the functions within the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) is the most recommended model when only one corruption prevention and combating institution is kept. If both of the institutions are kept, the NAC and the National Integrity Commission (NIC), the latter one is to remain only with the duty of ascertaining and examining situations of incompatibility and conflicts of interests, suggested the Resource Center for Human Rights (CReDO).

CReDO director Sergiu Ostaf, in a news conference at IPN on December 11, said the localization and strengthening of these functions within one institution will put this body in a more favorable institutional resistance light. The regular assessment of the NAC’s independence will ensure higher institution al independence than at the NIC

Sergiu Ostaf said such a conclusion is based on a number of assessment criteria, referring to the optimization of the use of financial resources and ensuring of institutions’ greater independence and as regards the fight against corruption.

According to the CReDO director, the localization of all the functions within the NAC does not imply the exact reproduction of the model of the National Anticorruption Directorate of Romania, as it has been rumored. The corruption fighting function must be reproduced through the NAC, which has the duty of investigating and identifying major risks and corruption-related phenomena, but by a model adjusted to the situation in Moldova.

If both of the institutions are kept, the modality of strengthening the prevention functions must be set by the National Anticorruption Center, while the National Integrity Commission should remain only with the duties of ascertaining and examining situations of incompatibility and conflicts of interests, including of imposing penalties, and of examining income and property statements.

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