Socialists protest at Ministry of Agriculture: We will table simple motion

Representatives of the Party of Socialists on Friday picketed the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, seeking the resignation of the institution’s administration and of the whole Cabinet. They protested against the rise in food prices. Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea said that he will propose a simple motion against Minister of Agriculture Viorel Gherciu, IPN reports.

The protesters said the situation in which the farmers and all the Moldovan citizens found themselves is critical and the blame for this is borne by the authorities. The Ministry does not have a strategy for developing industry. No measures are taken to support the farmers and to stop the soaring food prices.

The Socialists accuse the current minister of agriculture of incompetence and of not working out a strategy for developing the agricultural sector. “Next week, we will register a motion against the minister in Parliament. This minister should leave and the whole government of incompetent people should leave as these do nothing but make general and manipulative promises. You lead the Republic of Moldova towards genocide. You must leave. The people deserve a better government,” said Vlad Batrîncea.

MP Radu Mudreac noted the country’s food security is in danger. “The Ministry is directly responsible for food security and formation of prices. We live in an agrarian country where the citizens need to be supplied with cheap, accessible and high-quality products. The Ministry does not protect the farmers, the citizens. It does not have any strategy in the field,” he stated.

Also today, representatives of the Party of Communists and of Șor Party mounted a protest in front of the National Energy Regulation Agency. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the prices of natural gas, electricity and fuels and sought the resignation of the Agency’s administration, of the Cabinet and the President, criticizing them for the pursued policies and for the poverty endured by the population.

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