Socialists propose adopting statement on balanced state policy

The Socialists suggest that Parliament should adopt a statement on the strategic direction of international cooperation of the Republic of Moldova based on the interests of all the country’s citizens. According to the Party of Socialists (PSRM), the balanced foreign policy course should be the President’s and the Government’s priority, IPN reports.

The PSRM said there is consensus that the Republic of Moldova belongs to Europe and its course should be further aimed at building a democratic state that embraces the European values and where the citizens feel respected and safe. The party supports the principle of the country’s neutrality and the wish of most of the citizens for Moldova not to join any international military bloc.

According to the Socialists, a balanced foreign policy means the efficient implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, the strategic partnerships established on the governmental cooperation platform with Russia and the new integrationist projects in the CIS, the execution of the strategic policies implemented together with the U.S. and also with the neighboring Romania and Ukraine and forging of relations with all the EU member states.

The PSRM noted time has come for all the parties to assume the political mistakes of the past that led to the country’s division according to false geopolitical criteria and for all the politicians, regardless of their ordination, to combine forces to place Moldova back on a balanced foreign policy platform.

According to the party, the balanced foreign policy in the interests of the citizens should become a national strategic project based on the interests of each citizen, not on the political interests of parties. Also, the agenda of Moldova’s foreign policy should not impose false geopolitical barriers by which the international cooperation would be limited to a narrow group of partners, depending on the momentary interests of some of the parties.

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