Socialist Party of Moldova „Patria-Rodina” proposes new government alternatives

socialist Party of Moldova „Patria-Rodina” (PSM), as advocate of Social European and World Forums, proposes to public opinion and for debates with social-political forces of the country, alternatives to current political and economic model of Moldova. Suring a round table, organised on Sunday, 26 February, PSM „Patria-Rodina” chairman, Veronica Abramciuc, together with Alexandr Buzgalin, coordinator of Social-Political Movement „Alternative” of Russian Federation, presented alternatives for current government system including: to create a state socially oriented, which will support national economic development, science, education and offer equitable conditions for social-vulnerable categories; education and medicine to be accessible and for free; to create social-responsible business, directed towards the achievement public interests and not to attain the incomes with any purpose; priority development of a economic solidarity ( of cooperatives, farms, participation of workers in property and management), to ensure for real the democracy, freedom of speech, trade union rights and public associations, etc.. Veronica Abramciuc noted that the socialists of Moldova rely on the ideology of the democratic socialism, where it is not accepted human exploitation by human. „We reject the monstrous model of the past, which led to creation of a bureaucratic system and compromised the idea of a real socialism, where everybody is equal”. According to her „the pain of our people is what has now the mentality created for centuries, when the experience of a state was lost and the feeling to be responsible for what happens in the country as well”. „Now there are expected solution from the European Union, Romania, Russian Federation, and there are not seek forces from inside. Moldovans are now misled completely, there are no jobs, and enterprises do not work and do not develop. Doubting relations with Russian Federation lead to increase of gas price and persecution of Moldovan workers,” Abramciuc noted. In the same context, ex-deputy minister of Economics, Elena Gorelova, present at the round table, mentioned that Moldova till now did not determine itself either from political point of view, or economic one. „Moldova is not included in any European space, and probably will never be. Moldova is not strongly integrated either the Commonwealth of Independent States and has a passive attitude towards the Union Russia-Belarus”. It considers that further faith of the population will depend on those who will come to power, even, till now, all the parties that followed were very little different from the others, and those who stated their socialist visions, did not keep their promises. Veronica Abramciuc mentioned as well that then party she leads will continue the information activity over proposed alternatives, attraction in debates of social-political forces of the country. It is foreseen very soon to create a web site, called „Alternatives for Molodova”, where not only the supporters of socialist will be able to express their thoughts, but also those having solutions to country’s problems. She was very satisfied with the results gained by the party de in last parliamentary elections, as well as those for general mayor, where it got 5 and 7% of votes. Further, Veronica Abramciuc does not exclude the constructive cooperation with social democrats of the country, but especially through the fact that they admit human exploitation by human. In Socialists’ vision, the Communists, governing at the moment, managed to decrease their results of last elections, only through their inappropriate name, as they do not promote the real socialist ideology. Participants at the round table mentioned that now in the world develops not only a neo-liberal global process, led by 7 main countries, plus Russia, called Group G8, of the North-Atlantic Alliance, World Trade Organisation, transnational companies and other global players, but there appear and develop alternatives to mentioned process. According to them, Social, European and World Forums, where participate over 150,000 participants, take place already for 5 years at international, continental and regional level, and represent thousands of non-governmental organisations. They show the necessity and existence of real alternatives to modern model of life’s political and economic organisation, which prevails in the world, including the ex-Soviet area, and in Moldova, the participants at the round table noted.

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