Socialist MP: Current Parliament should be dissolved

Representatives of the Party of Socialists said they will wage war on corruption in Parliament and will exert pressure on the justice bodies so that the cases featuring corrupt persons and persons who corrupt are remitted to court. “The current Parliament should be dissolved,” IPN quoted Socialist MP Vlad Bătrîncea as saying in a press briefing.

Vlad Bătrîncea addressed MP Ştefan Gaţcan, who decided to defect from the Socialist parliamentary group to the Pro Moldova group. “Mister Gaţcan, if you still have a dose of common sense, vacate the seat of MP and leave Moldova’s Parliament,” stated the MP.

“As the mafia continues to play political games, to obstruct the Government amid the pandemic and to distort the political situation, someone tries again and again to plunge the Republic of Moldova into political chaos. We understand very well why the mafia does this and realize what their fate is. Following the latest actions of the prosecution service and justice in the Republic of Moldova, they have no other solution than to destabilize the situation in Moldova’s Parliament, to remove the Government and to plunge the country into chaos,” stated Vlad Bătrîncea.

Socialist MP Corneliu Furculiţă also addressed Ştefan Gaţcan. “I’m sure you received a very large sum of money and this is definite as you said that the sum offered to you earlier didn’t satisfy you,” he noted.

“As a doctor, I ask you to leave the seat of MP and donate the money you received for fighting COVID-19. You are a doctor and know how many difficulties our doctors face and you do not have the right to walk through Moldova with pockets full of money,” said Corneliu Furculiţă.

Earlier today, Ştefan Gaţcan announced that he left the parliamentary group of the Party of Socialists to join the parliamentary group Pro Moldova. He said the interminable political struggles, serious management mistakes, unprofessional decisions, lack of courage and even acceptance of fakes in the management of the COVID-19 crisis made him distance himself from the PSRM. The Socialist parliamentary group remained with 36 members.

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