Socialist and For Moldova MPs adopt statement on CC capture

The MPs of the Party of Socialists and the parliamentary platform For Moldova, which includes the MPs of the Shor Party, on April 23 adopted a statement on the usurpation of power by the Constitutional Court by which three of the CC judges are given a vote of no confidence. The PAS MPs left the assembly hall immediately after the draft statement was added to the agenda, saying they do not want to take part in “cheap circus”. The PPPDA MPs also left the hall after the draft statement was presented, IPN reports.

“As it was expected, I refer to the PSRM-Shor alliance, today it will be a day of populism and attacks on the state institutions, particularly the Constitutional Court. The PAS will not take part in this circus. I think the citizens will see how desperate this alliance is now that the snap parliamentary elections are inevitable,” said the head of the PAS group Igor Grosu.

Socialist MP Vasile Bolea noted they are concerned that the only authority of constitutional jurisdiction, the Constitutional Court, is captured by the evidently arbitrary and unconstitutional actions of judges Domnica Manole, Liuba Șova and Nicolae Roșca, who, by the taken decision, violated the oath taken on August 16, 2019.

“We ascertain the totalitarian character of the Constitutional Court’s decision, whose impact materializes into an attack on the sovereignty of the people and its dictatorial and non-democratic character,” said Vasile Bolea, reading the statement. According to him, the Court allowed the President to dissolve Parliament even if there were the elements needed to vote in a Government.

“The mentioned constitutional judges repeatedly committed constitutional deviations and violated the Constitution. We, the MPs, are obliged not to allow backsliding to dictatorship by building the rule of law and democracy in the Republic of Moldova,” stated Vasile Bolea, noting they call on the international organizations to assess the related situation in Moldova.

Before his group left the assembly hall, PPPDA MP Alexandru Slusari said this is a show and another sterile statement of the many adopted by Parliament so far. Instead of focusing on important bills that should be adopted before the dissolution of the legislature, the farce is continued.

“This is an attack on the independence of the Constitutional Court. What we do now is something unprecedented. In the history of the Republic of Moldova, I haven’t seen such moves that will produce nothing good on the political arena. I refer to the character of this Parliament decision,” noted Democratic MP Nicolae Ciubuc.

Pro Moldova group leader Andrian Candu said the MPs should remember the year 2019, when they maintained that the state, the state institutions, including the CC, were captured. Either they like it or not, the Constitutional Court is protected by law and its decisions should be obeyed.

Democratic leader Pavel Filip said the current Court was “created” by the PSRM and the ACUM Bloc. The statements are adopted if they suit the political players.

The statement was passed by the votes of 54 MPs.

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