Slusari and Reniță unanimously: There is a danger a majority of the left will be formed in future Parliament

The deputy president of the PPPDA Alexandru Slusari and the candidate for MP on the list of the PUN Iurie Reniță are concerned about the division of the right before the snap elections amid the ‘exemplary union’ of the forces of the left. According to them, the pro-Russian parties could form a parliamentary majority in the future Parliament, leaving the political right in the opposition for a period for four years.

Alexandru Slusari said his party submitted the documents for registration to the CEC only yesterday as they expected the forces of the right to unite and to form the electoral bloc PAS-PPPDA –PUN up to the last moment.

“After the defeat suffered in the presidential elections, the anti-European forces do their best not to allow any vote to be wasted. We see this PSRM-PCRM bloc. In fact, it is a union of four political-criminal groups: Plahotniuc-Dodon-Shor-Platon. They combined forces and did this under geopolitical colors as there is the Russian Federation behind such a move. That’s why we wanted an extended bloc to be formed with all the pro-European forces so that we are sure we can secure 60 seats of MP. But we have what we have,” Alexandru Slusari stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.
Slusari’s opinion is shared by the candidate for MP on the list of the PUN Iurie Reniță. According to Reniță, there is the risk that the next government coalition will be of the left.

“The PAS-PPPDA formula would have embraced a very large segment of voters and the “red offensive” from Moscow headed by general Voronin could have been counteracted this way. The unification of the left occurred on the clear instruction of Moscow. This points to the danger of their union in the future Parliament. A Voronin-Dodon-Shor-Usatîi majority could be formed. They will feel no remorse in this regard,” stated Iurie Reniță.

Six political entities have been registered as contenders in the July 11 snap parliamentary elections by the Central Election Commission so far. In accordance with the law, the election campaign for each contender starts when they are officially registered by the CEC

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