Silvia Radu: If I run in local elections, I will be definitely an independent person

Acting mayor of Chisinau Silvia Radu said that if she runs in the new local elections in Chisinau, she will definitely not represent a political party. The issue was developed in the talk show “In Depth” on Pro TV Chisinau channel. Silvia Radu noted that she does not have a party behind her, IPN reports.

Silvia Radu said that to run as an independent candidate,she has to collect 10,000 signatures in her support and this thing worries her. “The legislation in the Republic of Moldova excludes and discriminates the independents and the politicians also do not need independent persons because these are rather inconvenient and do not take into account what they are told,” she stated.

The acting mayor also said she is glad that she is supported by the citizens of Chisinau, but her family is not at all delighted at her possible candidacy for mayor. “We will decide together. I will not run alone, without the support of my family, as this is not possible,” said Silvia Radu.

According to her, the future mayor of Chisinau should be a competent and upright person with managerial skills, who would be outside politics, so that this is able to deal with the serious problems accumulated in Chisinau.

At the same time, Silvia Radu considers the one-year term in office of the future mayor is too short to be able to bring about major changes in the capital city. “It is a too short period for anyone. That’s why I’m surprised when the politicians try to persuade the voters that they are the best for doing this. I’m convinced that this is manipulation aimed at using this platform for the upcoming parliamentary elections,” she stated, adding changes as regards transparency in city management and rooting out of corruption can be yet made in the period.

The acting mayor noted that the cleaning and repair of roads in the municipality of Chisinau are a priority before the new mayoral elections that will take place on May 20.

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