Siegfried Mureşan: Propaganda and populist politicians should be unmasked in this period

Romanian MEP Siegfried Mureşan noted the statements saying that there is no eventual solidarity in the fight against COVID-19 in the European Union, made by particular officials, are populist. According to him, the propaganda and populist politicians should be unmasked in this period, IPN reports.

“The EU helps Italy with equipment, accepts to treat infected persons. Furthermore, for the first time the EU decided to create a European medicines reserve for which it held common tender contests for acquiring the products needed in the fight against COVID-19. Last week, there was held the first tender contest to purchase masks and ventilators and more contests will be held this week to buy test kits that identity the virus,” the politician stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Siegfried Mureşan called on the Italian politicians to stop propagating fake news that do a favor to the Russian Federation and China and do harm to Italy and the European Union.

“The situation in Italy and Spain is the most serious one owing to the large number of deaths caused by the virus there. Italy yesterday had 100,000 cases of infection, Germany 63,000. Italy had 63,000 only one week ago. We must combine forces and help each other, but we must all understand that the situation is difficult in all the EU member states. In Belgium, there are 13,000 cases of infection for a population of 10 million. The situation is serious in other countries too and we must be conscious,” noted the MEP.  

The European official said that solidarity within the whole European bloc should be now ensured.

“If the European Union does not provide assistance and the member states are not united, each country would feel abandoned, but it is hard to now obtain European solidarity and union during three-four months. It is important that solidarity be achieved at the start of the process,” stated Siegfried Mureşan.

He called on the population to stay at home for a period as the return to normality depends on this.

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