Sic!: How Moldovan Democrats try to find scapegoat in Brussels

The Democrats in Chisinau were upset by the resolution adopted recently by the European Parliament. On the one hand, they criticized the way in which this was discussed and voted, trying thus to deprive it of legitimacy. On the other hand, they complain that the resolution is unfair as they fully fulfilled the conditions imposed by the EU, which now betrayed them for Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. This is said in a new article of the Sic! project, IPN reports.

The authors of the article say the members of the Democratic Party could anticipate and avoid this conflict with the EU. The first signs emerged after the mixed electoral system was adopted. But the warnings of different European officials and diplomats were ignored. Now the Democrats defend themselves with a shield of lies: that the resolution was adopted non-transparently and without a majority, that it is unjust and that they met all the conditions and “endured” hard reforms alongside the ordinary Moldovans, etc.

The article says all these assertions made by members of the PDM are full of hypocrisy. If they want to blame someone for the European Parliament’s resolution, the Democrats should look in the mirror. The article authors remind how the resolution was adopted, how the spokesman for the PDM Vitalie Gamurari expressed his anger on Facebook, where he wrote that the resolution was debated with the hall almost empty, in a non-transparent and politcianist way, with the sitting being attended by 538 of the 751 MEPs, 343 of whom voted for the resolution.

The authors also remind, quoting Vitalie Gamurari, that the whole leadership of the PDM repeated in unison one more alleged argument: “It is hard to explain to the citizens why they endured so harsh reforms and a decision was ultimately taken against them”. According to the article, Vlad Plahotniuc seems to be the most discontented one, but makes contradictory statements. On the one hand, he says all the difficult reforms done until now in the Republic of Moldova were aimed not only at fulfilling the commitments assumed before the foreign partners, but also at modernizing the county and the effects will be beneficial to the ordinary people too. On the other hand, in the same speech, the Democratic leader changes his mind and announces severely, in a tone that seems revengeful, that the PDM will reassess its priorities depending on the major needs of the people, not necessary according to the conditions imposed by different agreements, as it was done until now.

The Democrats seem to intend to announce a change in the relationship with the EU and to say that the Association Agreement will not be as important as until now. At the same time, they want to criticize the conditions imposed earlier by the EU, which were harsher than for any government so far, and to blame the EU for the cost of the previous reforms. In other words, the PDM wants to assume the merits for all the good consequences of reforms and to shift the blame for the negative ones onto the EU, primarily for the justice sector reform.

Despite the expressed indignation, the Democrats are not sincere when they say that they fulfilled all the EU requirements and that the resolution punishes them unfairly. The way in which the mixed-member electoral system was adopted, the blocking of the registration of the initiative group for organizing the anti-mixed system referendum and now the nullification of the early mayoral elections in Chisinau clearly show that the government didn’t meet the political preconditions.

The full article in the Romanian is available here.

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