Shor Party mounts protests in Chisinau

The Shor Party on September 18 staged a protest that it called “nationwide”. The party’s leader Ilan Shor stated through a live-streamed video that the protests will continue until fair snap parliamentary elections are held, while the tents pitched in front of the Parliament Building will show that the protests are constant, IPN reports.

“We gathered together here today to assume the future of this country. The people of the Republic of Moldova, who elected those from the PAS, have the right to demand that they account for what they do. The disregard we witnessed daily has come to an end. The Republic of Moldova is in clinical death and the people who came here today are those who will resuscitate it. Moldova will regain its dignity. We have one condition: Down with Maia Sandu! The Republic of Moldova was captured but the usurpation of state power is an offense for which the current government will be held accountable. We today open the “City of Change” here, in front of the Presidential Palace and the Parliament Building,” stated the head of Orhei district Dinu Țurcanu, who is a member of the Shor Party.

The assembly adopted a resolution by which it warns the whole country and the international community about the critical situation in which the Republic of Moldova is now. It was also ascertained that the country’s citizens are experiencing major challenges now that the natural gas price is higher and there is a risk that the supply of gas will be halted ahead of winter.

The protest organizers said the event involved over 50,000 people, while the General Police Inspectorate said that about 6,500 people protested in central Chisinau.

At political level, Deputy Premier Andrei Spînu reacted by saying that it is a good sign when thieves protest. “The thieves know that we will go till the end and the country will get rid of them. They had robbed Moldova for years and now they see they cannot longer do this. Some fled the country as cowards. Dear people, it is their last attempt to return to power,” he posted on Facebook.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mihai Popșoi said the protest was an attempt to politically capitalize on the needs and poverty of the people.

Ex-Premier Ion Sturza noted the Shor Party has become more active following the actions taken in the Moldovan justice system. The leader of the Shor Party, who hides from the Moldovan law, is to be arrested in Israel, which has been host to him for over three years.

It should be noted that a criminal case against the illegal financing of the Shor Party was started in July, with MP Marina Tauber being arrested in this case. According to the National Anticorruption Center, the party consciously accepted money from a criminal group. In the first half of this year, the party made payments of €600,000 but reported slightly over 228,000 lei. The money was used to satisfy the needs of the party, to pay artists for concerts and to mount protests. The money was transferred to Moldova also as crytocurrency and was routed through Dubai, Vienna and Monaco so as to hide its origin.

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