Seven MPs prohibited from taking part in five sittings of Parliament

Seven MPs who are close to fugitive Ilan Shor were banned from attending five plenary sittings of Parliament after they blocked the central rostrum on Thursday. These are Marina Tauber, Reghina Apostolova, Vasile Bolea, Denis Ulanov, Vadim Fotescu, Irina Lozovan, and Alexandr Nesterovschi, IPN reports.

The contradictory discussions with Speaker Igor Grosu started at the beginning of the sitting, when MP Vasile Bolea asked for his microphone to be turned on. He was warned by the Speaker that he will not be given the floor until he publicly apologizes for a threat made at one of the past sittings. In reply, Bolea said that he does not consider it appropriate to apologize. Denis Ulanov was also warned to make a public apology in order to be able to speak in Parliament. The latter ignored the request. During the sitting, the seven MPs blocked the central rostrum of Parliament, chanting “shame” and knocking on the rostrum.

The examination of the bills continued in a noisy manner, but at one point the group of the Party of Action and Solidarity proposed to convene the Standing Bureau. After a break, the MPs returned to the hall and the rostrum was still blocked.

Against the background of chants, Igor Grosu asked the seven MPs to unblock the rostrum, but they refused. He thus informed that he decided to make use of his right as Speaker of Parliament to prohibit the seven MPs from taking part in five plenary sittings.

A number of 57 MPs of the parliamentary majority voted in favor. “I ask the secretariat to inform and transmit this decision to the State Guard and Protection Service,” stated Igor Grosu.

The next sitting of Parliament will take place tomorrow, June 14.

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