Sergiu Tofilat: It is not true that fugitives from Moldovan politics are politicians

“Plahotniuc’s chances to return to Moldovan politics are equal to zero. As he is on the sanctions list of the most powerful economy of the world, he is undesirable everywhere in the world and his airs and graces are designed to encourage his ‘valets’ hiding in the shrubs of the Moldovan politics,” financial-banking expert Sergiu Tofilat, of WatchDog community, stated in a debate hosted by IPN News Agency.

Referring to the geopolitical background of the events taking place in Chisinau, the expert said that everyone sees how they vote at the UN: Russia is supported by several countries that cannot serve as an example. When Ukraine is supported by the whole developed world, while Russia is supported by no one, I think Mister Plahotniuc, hypothetically admitting his return to power, will not stay for more than a week or two,” stated Sergiu Tofilat.

“The current appearance of the former “executive coordinator” of the power in Moldova and the recent efforts by the Shor Party are designed to give the impression that the cases, trials in Moldovan courts, the sanctions imposed by the U.S. are due to their political activities. But this is not true,” stated Sergiu Tofilat.

He referred in particular to the attempts made by Ilan Shor and his grouping to be in the Kremlin’s good graces instead of the Socialists. But the Kremlin’s chances to have sustainable, long-term political cooperation with these political players will fade away. Russia’s very and very difficult situation that is worsening further is one of the causes. Russia is thrown back 20-30 years ago and will not be competitive. It will face a shortage of resources.

“[The Russians] remain in the past, isolated, at the beck and call of those who gather benefits: China, India, Turkey. I’m not sure they will have resources to maintain the influence they had in the past,” stated Serfiu Tofilat.

Asked by the moderator to assess the chances of the two and of each of them to destabilize the situation in Moldova, the WatchDog expert noted that there is particular dissatisfaction in society, but this phenomenon is typical of other countries too, including the EU and the United States. “The people want to see a way out of the situation, but the political offer of the Shor Party and other “alternative” political players is not at all credible,” said the expert.

“We saw attempts to destabilize the situation starting with October 5, 2021. Immediately after Gazprom cut the gas supplies, Dodon returned from a trip made to Moscow and started to demand snap presidential elections. It didn’t work. Several more attempts were made in spring and in summer and one of these, which was rather serious, was made in Gagauzia, with letters to Putin to liberate them. Things calmed down after the head of the Turkish Parliament said that his country wants to see Gagauzia in the Euro-Atlantic integration process, not going to the East or to the Eurasian Union,” noted the expert.

The public debate entitled “How did the U.S. authorities reach the decision to impose sanctions? What are the possible reactions and consequences?” was the 265th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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