Sergiu Litvinenco: Withholding CSP scores of candidates for prosecutor office is a serious thing

PAS group MP Sergiu Litvinenco states that withholding the scores which each member of the Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) is going to award to the candidates for the position of Prosecutor General is a serious thing. In his opinion, the scores must be made public, as it happened with the scores given by the members of the pre-selection committee of the Ministry of Justice. Whereas, PSRM group MP Grigore Novac is not sure, whether or not the scores should be published, IPN reports.

Sergiu Litvinenco says he will insist on the scores being made public so as to see how each of the CSP members voted. "It is mandatory to disclose the scores so we can see to what extent people have cheated or not," said the parliamentarian on "Politics of Natalia Morari" show on TV8.

"Dodon wants a subservient prosecutor who will not investigate the funding from the Bahamas. Socialists have been scared that, after the scores are revealed, the whole Republic of Moldova will once again see that they are cheaters. They didn't make any objective assessment, they only wanted to push Dodon's yes man to CSP. Therefore, they decided that the scores should not be made public because the reaction of the society will be just as strong”, stated the ACUM MP.

Socialist deputy Grigore Novac says he does not know whether or not the scores given by each member of the CSP, which will assess each of the four candidates separately, should be disclosed. The MP maintains that previously the scores given to the candidates, including by the pre-selection committee of the contenders for the position of Prosecutor General were made public, and that in the society, anyway, there are heated discussions and people’s opinions differ.

Public policy expert Stefan Gligor is of the opinion that the non-publishing of scores means a covert appointment of the Prosecutor General, by concealing the result of the evaluations, and this points to the fact that the CSP members do not want to deal with the effects of transparency. "This is a competition that the current power does not want to be transparent or correct. Instead of waiting, as they insisted that the ACUM bloc should have done, for the opinion of the Venice Commission, to apply logic in what they do, they follow the standard procedures that we have already witnessed when the PDM appointed the Prosecutor General during its rule. I do not see much difference today between the PSRM and CSP,” said Stefan Gligor.

Recently, the Superior Council of Prosecutors has made changes in the regulations on the contest for the position of Prosecutor General. One of the amendments provides that the CSP shall not publish the scores awarded to each candidate for the position of Prosecutor General.

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