Sergiu Litvinenco: I know that Telegram is not a safe communication platform

This is a perfect lie fabricated by the intelligence services of other states from which criminal groups in the Republic of Moldova profit. This is how Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco commented on the leaks involving him. According to the official, the discussions are partially true but most of them are truncated so that the meaning of the message was fully distorted, IPN reports.

The minister said the hacking of Telegram accounts and the interference in private life of people are illegalities punished in accordance with the Penal Code. He is convinced that the scandal concerning the leaks is orchestrated from outside the country.

“The Telegram account was hacked. When you put together a lie, a truth and a half-truth, a perfect lie is created. I’m in the situation to comment on lies fabricated by non-friends. The state institutions should determine who is involved. We have intelligence and prosecution services. The intelligence services of unfriendly states are most probably involved. Oligarchic, criminal groups profit from this and aim to destabilize the situation so as to get rid of the criminal cases involving them,” Sergiu Litvinenco stated in the talk show “Freedom with Dorin Galben” on TV8 channel.

The minister noted that he does not often use Telegram as a communication platform, while the discussions about the alleged rigging of the contest to fill the post of head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office were made-up.

“I communicated not very much through Telergam. We usually communicate through safer systems, such as WhatsApp, Signal, Viber. I received messages through Telegram, but I know that this is not a safe channel given the story about its creator. With the members of the Superior Council of Prosecutors, we have a common chat on Signal and we also have a chat with the staff of the Council on Viber. Half of the secretariat of the Council has access to the latter chat. As regards that contest, everyone saw the SCP’s decision. The pre-selection commission and the SCP members decided in favor of Veronica Dragalin and I think that decision was correct,” stated Sergiu Litvinenco.

Earlier, the director of the Security and Intelligence Service Alexandru Musteață said that foreign intelligence services, primarily of Russia, seem to have been behind the hacking of Telegram accounts and the publication of private conversations.

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