Sergiu Litvinenco about pre-vetting: We start cleanup from self-managing bodies

The pre-vetting procedure applied to candidates for the posts of members of the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) and the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) will result in the cleanup of the self-managing bodies. Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco provided new arguments in favor of the bill to check the integrity of the potential candidates for members of the two councils. He noted the time is now opportune to do this reform as the terms in office of the members of the two entities expired, IPN reports.

Under the bill that was approved by the Government and was submitted to Parliament for examination, an assessment commission will determine the integrity, correctness and professionalism of all the candidates for members of the SCM and SCP. It is pre-vetting because it comes before the vetting that implies the cleanup of the whole system.

“In accordance with the amendment to the Constitution that was adopted last autumn and is to take effect on April 1, 2022, the SCM will have 12 members – six judges and six non-judges selected by Parliament. As the context is suitable, we aim to do so that the future compositions of the SCM and SCP are not only new, but also clean,” Sergiu Litvinenco stated in the talk show “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

He said the assessment commission will examine the professional actions of the candidates and the ratio of their incomes to their expenses so as not to allow persons in conflict with the law to enter the two self-managing bodies.

The members of the commission will be confirmed by the votes of 3/5 of the MPs. The commission’s decisions could be challenged in the Supreme Court of Justice. The challenges will be examined by a special panel whose members will be designated by SCM and will be confirmed by presidential degree. The proposed law on pre-vetting will have an effect only until the end of 2022.

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