Security experts: There are no reasons for high alert in Moldova for now

In the Republic of Moldova, there are no reasons for high alert in the security sector for now, consider experts according to whom, even if the U.S. intelligence services warn about Russia’s intentions to create a land bridge up to the Transnistrian region, this script for now is unachievable. Security experts noted it is worrisome that Russia stepped up its attacks on Ukraine as the military conflict in the neighboring country can turn into a war of attrition, IPN reports.

According to the information of U.S. intelligence services, the Kremlin aims to extend the land bridge to the West to occupy Odessa port and to ensure connection with the forces from Transnistria, blocking this way Ukraine’s access to the sea. Geopolitics experts say Russia’s expansionist ambitions are known, but, as long as Ukraine puts up resistance, the Republic of Moldova will not be involved in the war.

“When the war started, the Russian Federation destroyed military facilities of Ukraine and then tried to exert pressure by destroying civil infrastructure. This shows how serious Putin’s intentions to suppress Ukraine are. Initially, we believed that the war will remain in the perimeter of the separatist republics. We now see that they revive such plans as New Russia. These pans are made public to scare society around Ukraine. All the ports are blocked on the side of the Azov Sea. Donbas region is supplied with goods through them. If they gain control over Odessa too, the transport infrastructure and trade not only of Ukraine, but also of the Republic of Moldova will be blocked,” geopolitics expert Angela Gramadă stated in a program on the public TV channel.

Security expert Ion Leahu said that even if the international community anticipates Russia’s military failure, the Russian army continues to destroy Ukraine and even stepped up its attacks.

“Currently, there are no reasons for an alert. Since the start of this war, they have spoken about Russia’s plans to create the so-called Little Russia to reach the Danube mouth and to strip Ukraine of its exit to the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. These intentions are now new. The Americans more often speak about a mismatch between Putin’s ambition and the economic and military capabilities of the Russian Federation. But we see that the Russian troops have been more active and that Russia found resources to strengthen its capacities. This is worrisome,” said the ex-member of the Joint Control Commission Ion Leahu.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared for a prolonged conflict in Ukraine, betting that Russia is more willing and able to endure the longer-term effects of the war than Moscow’s adversaries, Director of the U.S. National Intelligence Avril Haines told senators on Tuesday. Haines said Russia’s goals include occupying Kherson in the south and controlling the waters off Crimea. Its aim of extending a land bridge to Transnistria is unlikely to succeed.

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