Sandu government supporters chant in front of Parliament building

"We support the Maia Sandu government!" - a group of citizens chants in front of the Parliament building, while the MPs examine in a plenary session the motion of censure submitted by the Socialists at the end of last week. The protesters in front of the legislative building, a majority of whom are senior citizens, said that the government led by Maia Sandu represents a hope for them.

Marina Diaconu, a pensioner from the capital, came in front of the Parliament building in order to express her dissatisfaction with the Socialists' motion of censure. "I believe that it is desired to take over the state institutions, as it was before", the woman said.

"I agree that we must have an independent prosecutor and support the amendment to the law", said another protester, Lidia Zoina.

According to Ion Ghimpu, inhabitant of the capital, today's protest is organized "in order to rescue Maia Sandu from the hungry wolves, the Socialists". The man claimed that once the Socialists came to power, they forgot about the stolen billion and are holding the country back. "They want to go on the same road as before", said Ion Ghimpu.

Ana Lupu, a pensioner, came to the protest in order to convince herself that Igor Dodon, the head of state, is a traitor. According to the woman, if the head of state had not been a traitor, he would have allowed for "the General Prosecutor to be independent and to be correctly appointed on the basis of democratic principles". "Why did he block this and why does he blame the Maia Sandu government? I had so much hope and today I am afraid that we will lose it. How will be survive without hope" the woman asked.

The Socialist Party submitted a motion of censure after the government assumed responsibility for amending the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, namely the pre-selection procedure of the General Prosecutor. While presenting the bill in Parliament, on November 8, Maia Sandu said that the prime minister will pre-select two candidates for the position of prosecutor general and will forward their candidacies to the Superior Council of Prosecutors. Subsequently, the CSP may select an applicant and forward his/her candidacy to the president of the country. While presenting the motion of censure, the Socialist MP Vasile Bolea said that the government's assumption of responsibility endangers the independence of the prosecutor's office and the independence of the justice system.

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