Salary for which Moldovans are ready not to leave country

Most of the Moldovans said that a monthly salary of 13,450 lei a month would make them remain in the country. The sum mentioned by Moldovans is twice higher than the net salary in Moldova, which this year is of 6,600 lei a month. The data were tabulated by the expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” Veaceslav Ioniță based on an opinion poll conducted in October by CBX-AXA, IPN reports.

The average salary accepted this year for not emigrating is by 14.6% or 1,710 lei a month higher than last year. This is the highest growth in the four-year period during which “Viitorul” has conducted such polls.

The salary expectations differ substantially depending on the respondents’ age. The people aged between 18 and 29 have the biggest salary expectations, of 15,920 lei a month, which is by 40% more than the expectations of older persons, who would be pleased to have 11,200 lei a month. But the expectations of older persons who are able to work are twice higher than the existing salaries. The expectations of older persons are four times higher than the monthly average. This means the older persons are the most disadvantaged social group in Moldova as their incomes are four times lower than their expectations.

There is a big difference between the expectations of those who live in towns and of those who live in villages. Those from urban areas would like to have a monthly salary of 13,810 lei, while those from rural areas of 11,530 lei.

Depending on the studies of respondents, the persons with higher education want a salary of 15,940 lei a month, by 32% more than the persons with secondary or incomplete studies, who would be pleased to have 12,090 lei a month.

Those who plead for Moldova’s entry into the EU have the biggest salary expectations – 14,680 lei a month. Those who plead for Moldova’s entry into the Customs Union would like a salary of 11,800 lei for not leaving the country.

The poll covered a sample of 1,100 persons.

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