Ruxanda Glavan’s arguments in favor of false official statistics about COVID-19

Ruxandra Glavan, ex-minister of health in the Government led by Pavel Filip, and Ala Nemerenco, ex-minister of health in the Government of Maia Sandu, said the Moldovan authorities do not provide the real statistics concerning the number of persons infected with COVID-19. Moreover, they consider the authorities made a mistake when they decided to test only the people with symptoms, IPN reports.

“For me, it is now clearer that the statistics are not realistic. I would not say that it was a bad intention, but the information I collected as a result of discussions with doctors makes me believe that the reported numbers of infections and of deaths caused by COVID daily in Chisinau do not show the real statistics,” Ruxandra Glavan stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

She noted there are many cases when the results are either false-positive or false negative. She was informed about concrete cases when doctors, after having two negative tests, had a positive third test. The tests were done at a distance of several days.

“I’m sure that the figures are higher and I have several arguments: they promised that all the employees of the healthcare system will be tested, including those who are asymptomatic. Two months passed since that promise and sufficient tests were delivered to the country for doing tests, but this wasn’t done. The Ministry’s protocols didn’t change and healthcare workers tell me that they obtain that periodical test from the managers of their institutions with difficulty,” stated Ruxanda Glavan.

She also said that the authorities managed the situation badly from medical viewpoint and as regards the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus. “The statistics presented by the authorities are not credible. The fact that we today witness an explosion of infections is an indirect proof that what was reported until now was untrue. There was no reason for lifting the restrictions. We didn’t really have a state of emergency. The situation here was different compared with other countries. There wasn’t quarantine for everyone. I didn’t see real quarantine. I saw hundreds of examples of managers who said one thing and did another thing. What happened during the last two months reveals the lack of a strategy,” she stated.

Ex-minister Ala Nemerenco supported the statements made by her colleague, noting that the authorities have followed a wrong path since the start of the pandemic. “Tests weren’t done and those infected weren’t isolated correctly and the virus spread as a result. The authorities should take more steps, not only isolation measures,” she stated.

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