Russia’s hybrid warfare in space of GPS waves along the Prut River

A report by the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center, a body affiliated to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), notes that Russia has triggered an electronic jamming war on Romania’s territory, which manifests itself especially in Iasi and Galati counties that border the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports with reference to ș

There is evidence that electronic signals are also jammed on Moldova’s territory. On the GPSJAM website, which shows the status of GPS signals, it can be seen that about half of the territory of the Republic of Moldova was affected on May 20, in parts on more than 10 percent of the territory (marked in red). The quoted source attests to daily problems with the GPS signal in wide areas, sometimes from Giurgiulesti up to upper Leova along the Prut River.

The Romanian authorities talk about “advanced electronic warfare capabilities developed by the Russian Armed Forces, including the use of R-330Zh, Borisoglebsk-2 and Zhitel systems for jamming GPS signals and protecting their own strategic infrastructure,” according to the document quoted by Digi24.

“Except for April 15, 21 and 22, when Bacău was also put on the red GPS jamming map, Galati, Tulcea and Constanta are the most targeted ones, being in the “red zone” of the map. During April 9-10, 2024, GPS jamming also appeared in the Iasi area,” the authors of the document say.

The report also cites a September 2023 statement by General Daniel Petrescu, Chief of the Defense Staff of the Romanian Army at the time, who, on the occasion of a forum of the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre, “warned against the navigational dangers posed by the jamming and accused the Russian Federation of constantly obstructing the GPS communications, including for ships in the Romanian sea area.

IPN recently hosted a public debate on the Security and Defense Partnership Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, signed today in Brussels. Experts said then that the document will be signed as soon as possible because it refers to unpostponable problems, generated mostly by the war at Moldova’s borders. It is an important agreement, even though until now the two sides have signed and cooperated based on a number of documents referring to security and defense.

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