Russian sociologist: Migration further worsens problem of inequality in Moldova

Massa migration further worsens the problem of inequality and the fight for equal rights and freedoms in Moldova, Sergey Borisov, director of the Expert Center “Mera” (“Measure”) of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, stated in IPN’s public debateEquality: culture, practice or illusion?”.

“It is known that not everyone can break through the ceiling of new opportunities. Only the persons with an active position, with special energy and an increased feeling of social injustice can do this. When the number of such persons decreases, the society’s chances to improve something diminish. In Moldova, the most able and active leave the country,” stated the expert.

He mentioned two more components of the success in ensuring equality. “The most important thing is for equality to be perceived as an advantage. Otherwise, any made laws will not work. Serious, sometimes boring work is needed both through the education system and through the mass media to realize that the fight against inequality helps everyone, that ramps for wheelchairs are not only budget costs, but also a method to make everyone’s life better. When we show more care towards each other, when there are open manifestations of goodwill, society becomes richer and capable of doing more, including to beat corruption,” said the Russian sociologist.

“But that thing should be first gained. Nothing comes just like that. One should work hard and struggle and the good thing will be then appreciated and will work.”

The public debate “Equality: culture, practice or illusion?” forms part of the series of debates “Overcoming of European Integration Stereotypes by Communication”. IPN News Agency stages the debates with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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