Russia wants to obtain Transnistrization of Ukraine, opinions

The risk of a military aggression on the part of Russia is low. What Moscow wants to obtain by maximally damaging the situation in the region is to Transnistrize Ukraine, consider Moldovan political commentators and MPs. According to them, by the military forces deployed near the Ukrainian borders, Russia aims to gain geopolitical control over this state, IPN reports.

MP Oazu Nantoi is skeptical about a military conflict in Europe. According to him, Moscow’s goal is to obtain as many concessions as possible from the U.S. and NATO by increasing tension.

“Vladimir Putin wants to achieve two major goals. The first is to make Ukraine obey the Minsk agreement, which we also call the Transnistrization of Ukraine and which means that Ukraine should accept to be under the geopolitical control of the Russian Federation. The second goal is to threaten with the use of force so that Putin could get what he wants, to have a direct dialogue with the United States, as it was during the Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Alliance, when these two communities decided the fate of the world. Currently, the risk of a military aggression is reduced as Putin still hopes to obtain the U.S.’s support for making Ukraine obey the Minsk agreement,” PAS MP Oazu Nantoi stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

According to political commentators, Vladimir Putin wants to return to the distribution of the spheres of influence between the great powers of the world. The Kremlin leader hopes to obtain official confirmation that Ukraine is under Russian geopolitical control and this country will not join NATO.

“The behavior and political narrative of Putin are extensively compared with those of Hitler. Then, Hitler acted out of frustration, as Putin acts now. Hitler was dissatisfied with the results of World War I, which he considered unfair towards the Germans. We see a similar thing in Putin, who considers that the Soviet Union’s defeat in the Cold War and what followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union are unfair towards the Russians, “ said political commentator Ion Tăbârță.

“The damaging of the situation around Ukraine is a bluff aimed at easier achieving, by diplomatic methods, the set objectives. Russia wants to reconfigure the world, the world order. In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the bipolar system of the world order collapsed together with this. There were two superpowers that claimed influence in different parts of the planet. Later, the system became a monopolar one, when NATO and the U.S. dominated the whole world, and now Russia wants to change the situation,” said political commentator Anatol Țăranu.

Yesterday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a news conference said NATO reaffirms its readiness to discuss diplomatic methods for solving the crisis in Eastern Europe with Russia. He repeatedly asked to withdraw the Russian troops from Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

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