Russia-Ukraine war: IPN updates

Unprecedented conditions followed by unprecedented ‘solutions’

Today, the State Duma of Russia is to debate legislative amendments that introduce administrative and criminal liability for the distribution of inaccurate information about the work of the state bodies of the Russian Federation abroad and imposes fines of up to 5 million rubbles or at most 15 years in jail. The new provisions refer not only to military, but also to civil organizations.

According to the spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitri Peskov, the diplomats and employees of Rossotrudnichestvo practically work in conditions of war. The situation is unprecedented as regards the stimulation of hatred about everything that is Russian. Sometimes, these situations represent a threat to health and life. The unprecedented conditions necessitate unprecedented ‘solutions’.

World perceives Russians as supporters of Putin

Television journalist Alexandr Nevzorov said the Russians are partially perceived as accomplices in the massacre and the attitude to them is rather as to the Germans in 1942.

The governor of Tyumen region Alexandr Moor said two more of his compatriots died in the war in Ukraine following the death of three others earlier.

A Moscow court said on Monday that Meta Platforms Inc. (FB.O) was guilty of "extremist activity", but the ruling will not affect its WhatsApp messenger service, focusing on the U.S. firm's already-banned Facebook and Instagram social networks.

Millions of Ukrainian refugees change view of old Europe

Russia is guilty of a "massive war crime" in Mariupol and is violating "the laws of war", the EU's top diplomat Josep Borrell said on Monday, as the bloc's foreign ministers gathered to discuss additional sanctions against Russia.

"What's happening in Mariupol is a massive war crime, destroying everything, bombarding and killing everybody in an indiscriminate manner," he said, adding: "The city will be completely destroyed and people are dying."

He vowed that the EU "will continue working supporting Ukraine with all our resources" and "continue talking about what kind of sanctions we can think again, more, especially related to energy". He said an additional EUR500 million for Ukraine is to be agreed.

Americans will follow situation alongside another 13 nations

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Sunday ruled out the possibility of the U.S. taking part in peacekeeping operations inside Ukraine, reiterating that the Biden administration will not be sending American troops to the besieged country.

"The president has been very clear that we will not put American troops on the ground in Ukraine. We don't want to escalate this into a war with the United States," Thomas-Greenfield stated in an interview for CNN.

At the same time, Western countries on Monday signed a joint statement "On the urgent need to modernize the air defense of Ukraine," Verkhovna Rada Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk has said.

"Today, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S. have signed a joint statement "On the urgent necessity to upgrade Ukraine air-defense." Genuinely grateful for support Ukraine in this challenging time," Stefanchuk wrote in Twitter on Monday.

The Wall Street Journal reported the United States was preparing to supply Ukraine with Soviet-made anti-aircraft missile system systems Osa.
Survivor of Nazi camps killed by “liberators”

As a result of a night rocket attack on Kiev, eight persons were killed and a shopping center was destroyed. Windows of apartment buildings and cars nearby were damaged.

Boris Romanchenko, 95, survivor of Buchenwald concentration camp, died during shelling in Kharkiv. Boris Romachenko, who was born in the now-besieged city of Sumy, returned to Ukraine after the Second World War and was living in Kharkiv.

Fish bone could mark return to normality

According to, which makes reference to social media, a group of influential people who oppose President Vladimir Putin and who plan to assassinate him, is forming among the Russian business and political elite. The goal of this group is to remove Putin from power as soon as possible and restore economic ties with the West, destroyed by the war in Ukraine.

It is possible that these processes are connected with the recent "leak" of the location of Chechen units in the north of Kyiv.

Ammonia leaks at Sumykhimprom

Ammonia leaked as Russian invaders shelled the Sumykhimprom chemical plant in northern Ukraine. The radius of the affected area is about 2.5 km.

As it was reported, the United States believes that Russia plans to conduct a false flag operation and use chemical or bacteriological weapons in Ukraine to blame the Ukrainian side and Western countries.

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