Russia reminded Moldova about its weaknesses, experts

The visit by Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman to Russia didn’t resolve the situation. Russia only reminded Moldova once again about its weaknesses. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said delicately that Moldova can follow only one course – to the west or to the east. The opinions were stated in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

Roman Chirca, director of the Market Economy Institute, considers that Natalia Gherman showed patriotism when she said that Moldova chose the path to European integration. “In his answer, Lavrov subtly warned about the price of gas, trade and migration of Moldovans. They have a very painful weapon. If Russia imposes visas, this will have catastrophic effects, including a 30-40% decrease in remittances and shrinking of the economy by 15%,” said Roman Chirca. The analyst is yet convinced that regardless of the development of the relations with Russia, Moldova will only win from becoming part of the EU as the people in time will orient themselves from east to west and Russia will lose a powerful trump card.

Vice director of the European Integration Institute Victor Juc believes that Sergey Lavrov made the Moldovan authorities think. “Our problem is that we are between two blocs that are both economic and geopolitical. The current coalition will not have a new vision and will go directly to Vilnius. If it has a different message, the voters will not understand. The coalition no longer has maneuvering space,” stated Victor Juc. He added that the Russian diplomat didn’t use traps in his discourse, but only warned Moldova that it must make a choice.

According to politologist Vasile Croitoru, Russia is trying to harass Moldova and hamper it from going to Vilnius. The fact that Natalia Gherman said in Moscow that Moldova is a sovereign state and it chose the road to the EU was the most powerful argument. The relations between Moldova and Russia will not change, the diplomatic capacities of Chisinau being much lower than those of the Kremlin.

Natalia Gherman made a visit to Moscow at the invitation of Sergey Lavrov on July 24. At the Eastern Partnership Summit of Vilnius this autumn, the Moldovan authorities hope to initial the Association Agreement with the EU, including the Agreement on the Creation of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

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