Ruslan Codreanu says Electoral Council has 24 hours to register him into Chisinau race

As the formal reasons that kept Ruslan Codreanu from being registered as a candidate for Chisinau mayor were removed by the Court of Appeal yesterday, he is demanding the Chisinau Municipal Electoral Council to right the wrong in 24 hours.

The candidate stated that he had to provide additional evidence to the court, including ID copies of those who signed in his support, to prove that the signatures rejected by the Electoral Council were valid.

“We have 10 days of election campaign left in which we will be the most active,” Ruslan Codreanu told reporters.

Ruslan Codreanu said that the mistake that brought him out of the race is not only informational but also a human one.

"I sympathize with all the independent candidates who have not been registered. We will go further. Besides the fact that I submitted to the Government a notification to change the legal framework, an audit of the information system of the CEC must be carried out”, said Ruslan Codreanu.

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