Romanian MP: Political statements are not enough to achieve Union

To ensure the Union is effected, only political statements are not enough. Some of the unionist parties in Romania used the pro-Union rhetoric to gain political advantages, Romanian MP Bogdan Rodeanu stated in the talk showed “Shadow Cabinet” on Jurnal TV channel. Moldovan unionists i said the unionist idea was discredited on the right side of the Prut by the political leaders who weren’t enough convincing or formed alliances in dissonance with the Union desideratum, IPN reports.

The unionists in the Republic of Moldova said it is a paradox when an increasing number of Moldovans support the union with Romania, but Moldova’s Parliament does not include a pro-Union party that would represent them. Former unionist political leader Octavian Țîcu said the idea of the Union was discredited also by the multitude of unionist parties that split the voters.

“The PPCD was a branch of the FSB that knew how to manipulate and discredit the unionist idea. There was one more attempt during the time of Dorin Chirtoacă and the PL, which was discredited owing to its alliance with Plahotniuc. Furthermore, the Moldovans during 30 years have developed a feeling of statehood. The crisis of unionist parties was underlined by their multiplication. As a result of the elections of 2021, the AUR factor intervened and definitively thwarted our chances of entering Parliament as we could not form an alliance with the AUR,” historian Octavian Țîcu stated in the program “Shadow Cabinet”.

Publicist Vitalie Ciobanu said the unionist leaders’ inability to adjust to the new realities eroded the unionist idea. The Union desideratum is now part of the idea of European integration.

“The leaders who assumed the Union slogan didn’t persuade by moral aspects and by political efficiency. They came with slightly archaic narrative that didn’t persuade the young people or the intellectuals. The unionist leaders were associated with the period of the 1990s and didn’t t know to adjust to the times. The unionist narrative should have been adjusted to the new times. There are many unionists. Some put the figure at 35-40%, but in the last elections these voted with the PAS and Maia Sandu because they see the unions as a feasible perspective to which particular internal and external, international factors should contribute,” noted writer Vitalie Ciobanu.

USR MP Bogdan Rodeanu said the politicians in Romania during tens of years campaigned based on the unionist idea. According to the Romanian MP, the war in Ukraine creates preconditions for shortening the European course of the Republic of Moldova.

“In Romania, there were many unionist parties whose goal was to obtain an electoral result only and they discredited this idea. Political statements are not enough to achieve the Union. We are a new generation of politicians and we are interested in how this can be ensured. The problem is not either we want it or not. Yes, we want it! We should now hasten this process as we experience the same problems, in the energy, security sectors. The whole Europe now changes the geostrategic concept and dependence on the Russian Federation is reduced so as to get rid of Russia’s influence and blackmail. We can do this only together. Time has come for Moldova to accelerate. We must shorten the European course,” said Bogdan Rodeanu.

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