Romanian authorities intend to implement a number of projects in Moldova

The Romanian authorities plan to create a special fund intended for partnerships between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. According to a draft legislative initiative that is to be elaborated and presented to the Parliament in Bucharest, the fund will benefit the mayor’s offices of the Republic of Moldova that are twinned with mayor’s offices of Romania. With this money, localities in the Republic of Moldova will be able to create a favorable context for a better life, Viorel Badea, senator elected in the electoral constituency for Romanians residing outside Romania, a member of the National Liberal Party, stated in a news conference at IPN.

Senator Viorel Badea said he intends to invite the parliamentary commission on culture, education, research, youth, sport and the media of the Republic of Moldova to pay a visit to the Romanian counterpart. “This year will be declared by us the Romanian Cultural Year - the Republic of Moldova as it is known that in 2021 it is 100 years of the founding of the National Theater “Mihai Eminescu”.  At the same time, the culture commission of the Parliament of Romania will be making every effort for the media stations in the Republic of Moldova - “TVR Moldova” and Radio “Chisinau” – to be more efficient than they were until now, to fulfill their mission in the Republic of Moldova with greater strength. At the same time, we intend to create conditions for “Agerpres” to name at least one correspondent in the Republic of Moldova so as to keep the Romanians everywhere informed about the sociopolitical, cultural and economic events in the state situated over the Prut.

In another connection, Viorel Badea said the citizens in the Republic of Moldova who have Romanian nationality have the right to be vaccinated. He called on them to register for vaccination on the relevant platforms and to present themselves at the vaccination centers when the appointment is confirmed. “Dear Romanian citizens in the Republic of Moldova, it is your right to have a vaccine too as this is not only the right of the Romanians who live over the Prut,” stated the Romanian senator.

Petru Frunze, a member of Moldova’s Parliament on behalf of the Party of Action and Solidary, said that March 27 has a special historical meaning. “We see that act of solidarity with the Romanian people through the gesture made by the Government of Romania, the Romanian people as they offer us the possibility of benefitting from vaccines that really save lives during these hard times,” he stated. The MP appreciated the initiative to create a fund for the development of Moldovan localities as the local authorities in the Republic of Moldova do not have the possibility of accessing funds for implementing development projects. This message for the local authorities of the Republic of Moldova will encourage the mayors to initiate twinning processes with the mayor’s offices of Romania so as to later benefit from funds from the Government of Romania for implementing projects in Moldovan localities.

Iurie Reniță, MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” of the Republic of Moldova, said that a very important historical event is marked on March 27, 1918. “This event should motivate us to act and do concrete things so as to prove that we deserve to be the followers of a generation of forerunners who placed the national interest, the Romanian interest of the Romanian Bessarabia above everything and laid the basis for Greater Romania in very difficult times,” he stated.

The news conference was held in connection with the 103rd anniversary of the Union of Bessarabia with


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