Rodica Rusu-Gramma: Vaccination process is not someone’s freedom, but is social responsibility

Rodica Rusu-Gramma, university professor at the School of Public Health Management “Nicolae Testemițanu”, considers those who make appointments to get a vaccine against COVID-19 and then do not show up for vaccination do not realize what vaccination as a process means. First of all, it means the opening of an ampoule with a quantity of vaccine that needs to be administered during a particular period of time or this become inactivated and should be thrown away. This is loss of money and resources, IPN reports.

According to Rodica Rusu-Gramma, together with the opening of access to vaccination for the general population, there will be waiting lists where the person who will not show up will be immediately replaced by the next person on the list. The fact that the persons refuse vaccination is something common in many states. The people believe that they have the right to choose whether to go or not, but they should be explained that if they scheduled an appointment, they bear responsibility and will be struck off the waiting list and will have to wait for several days to be re-included. Or everyone’s access will be opened according to the principle “first come, first served” and the available vaccines will be maximally used.

Confidence in vaccine is another factor why the people change their mind. The person who makes an appointment can be influenced by the beliefs of persons with whom this interacts and who are against vaccination or by fake news or anti-vaccination opinions in society or those fears disseminated through social media that ultimately turn out to be untrue.

Rodica Rusu-Gramma noted vaccination is a public health issue and it is a mistake to believe that public health is the responsibility of health workers only. Public health should be the concern of all those who have a say, who realize that the vaccination process is not only someone’s freedom, but is social responsibility. By vaccination, the people will show that they are members of a community and they care about everyone’s health, not only about the own health. When everyone has immunity, COVID-19 could no longer be passed on and will disappear and this is the greatest benefit of vaccination.

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